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The journey took place during the summer and early autumn of 2001. Two thousand miles, eight countries, from Northern Ireland to northern Italy. Here I provide a synopsis of the route, country by country, and give a little more information on what I brought with me, and what I was singing as I rode along..

Ireland journey - ireland

Big fries, Newgrange, B+Bs, stumbling across motorways and fun in Norn Iron. This was my first chance to get a feel for riding the bike, arriving somewhere, finding somewhere to stay, grab a bite to eat and retire to nurse my sore legs. (Repeat every day for two months and you'll end up somewhere nice.)
This first leg of the trip took me from Dublin to Bangor, and then from Dublin down to the ferry at Rosslare for the start of the big push to Italy.

France journey - france

From Brittany, along the Loire and into eastern France. Great food, road-melting weather, and a few sightings of the full-on saint.
Also becoming an instant celebrity in Luxeuil, where Columbanus founded three monasteries. In all, it was a joy to be riding in such a cycling-friendly nation, with smooth Euromacadam and well-maintained campsites in all but the smallest towns.

Switzerland, Austria, Liechtenstein and Italy journy - switzerland, italy

Along the affluent Rhine, through Zurich and on to Bregenz. Through the weird principality of Liechtenstein before I head for the moutains.
Then it's dowhnill to Bobbio via the lovely cities of Northern Italy. When I've met the saint, I holiday my way back to Milan for the flight home.

Cycling and Camping Kit

What I rode, and what I slept in

Other Kit

Essentials for the international saint-pursuing cyclist

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