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Sample Chapters

To help you work out if this the sort of book for you (trust me, it is), here are the first two chapters for you to try. You can read them online, download them as Adobe Acrobat files (.pdf),

Chapter 1 - Over the top
'So I'm sitting in a tiny cafe in a place called Splugen. It's a Saturday towards the end of September, and the weather is cloudy, with mist draped over the views outside. I'm finishing off my lunchtime soup (not sure exactly what's in it - my German is terrible). I'm shaking a little and feel light-headed, and I'm watching the other diners with a gently fevered intensity.'(keep reading chapter 1)
Chapter 1 (pdf) pdf version of chapter 1 (.pdf, 40K)

Chapter 2 - Paul Weller, Lady Gregory and James Bond
'I blame Paul Weller for everything. I was sitting in the Olympia Theatre in Dublin waiting for him to take the stage, talking to my housemate Garrett about what I'd do if I owned a car.
'I wouldn't use it around town, but I'd head off down the country. Or I'd go over to England and visit all those cathedral cities I've never been to: Durham, Lichfield, Wells, Winchester.'
'Sounds good.' Garrett was more interested in when Paul Weller would appear.'
( keep reading chapter 2)
Chapter 2 (pdf) pdf version of chapter 2 (.pdf, 72K)

Both chapters

Both chapters (pdf)pdf of both chapters together (.pdf, 88K)



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